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Senthil Nath GT ... Young Engineer... Institution of Civil Engineers, UK...

Geoconsult Engineer Senthil Nath GT Young Tunneller 2016

Prestigious NCE Award goes to Young Engineer from Singapore

London (UK)/Singapore (SG), 21 December 2016. The young tunneller Senthil Nath GT from Geoconsult Asia Singapore won the annually awarded NCE Tunnelling Award, announced by New Civil Engineer (the official magazine of the Institution of Civil Engineers, UK) and the British Tunnelling Society, in London on the 8th December 2016 by competing in a strong field of altogether nine applicants. "I am very proud to win this Award and would like to thank to all my friends, colleagues and especially my employer Geoconsult for the support", addresses the likeable young engineer Senthil Nath directly to the more than 450 guests of the celebration.

The 30 years old Senthil Nath GT is Senior Engineer and shows more than eight years of expert-knowledge in handling diversified geotechnical projects. "Senthil is experienced with major infrastructure projects including TBM and SEM/NATM tunnels, deep foundation and tunnel and excavation support systems for urban development projects, site supervision and design management", describes Dr. Oskar Sigl, Managing Director and Partner of Geoconsult Asia Singapore, his mentee. The very experienced and highly regarded Co-Founder of Geoconsult Asia Singapore directly saw the capability of the young tunneller Senthil, supported and patronized him. "I am proud to follow his success", Sigl adds.

Senthil Nath´s background is Geotechnical Engineering and he has pursued second level specializing masters (ITA endorsed) course in Tunnelling and TBM. "He is involved in the design of mined tunnels undercrossing critical structures, temporary works for cross passages, TBM docking and construction support for more than 12 km of TBM drive for the Thomson Line project in Singapore", describes Oskar Sigl the current projects of Senthil.   The NCE´s Tunnelling Award is very popular and showcases the very best in tunnelling expertise and attracts entries from the tunnelling industry’s elite. "We as Geoconsult Group Management and colleagues are very proud to have the opportunity to work with an engineer like Senthil Nath", annotates Dr. Harald Golser, Owner and Managing Director of Geoconsult Holding in Wals/Salzburg (AT). "We have a strong programme in our group to train and support especially talented engineers like him."

Geoconsult - the group  Geoconsult is a private and independent engineering group providing engineering services on a global scale. Founded in 1973, the group gives work to a staff of more than 350 people and comprises offices in Argentina, Chile, Germany, India, Singapore, Slovakia, Turkey as well as in Austria.  The group operates in diverse fields such as civil engineering, ground engineering, rock mechanics, geology, mining, transport routes, water and ecological issues, continuously dealing with every single step of such complex projects - from the very first studies throughout all phases of planning up to accompanying measures. Looking back at several thousand projects, which were undertaken successfully in more than 50 states worldwide, the enterprise has risen to a reliable partner of the respective principals.  Geoconsult´s employees are highly motivated and cooperate well and efficiently in teams. They are professionals acting in different domains and are collaborating both, nationally and internationally. A profound career training and a thorough professional in-house education provide a good basis for success and are essential elements of the groups business culture. The enterprise is proud of the fact that several university professors have emerged from the company´s staff as well.  Further information you may find on http://www.geoconsult.eu/index.php/about-us.htm


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